Nine seconds had the pleasure to be one of the first companies to win the bid for creating the Information Architecture for Transport Canada based on the Web Experience Tool Kit (WET). Our approach for building the Information Architecture that is compliant to the Web Content Accessiblity Guidelines (WCAG) and CLF 2.0 was as the following:

  • Reviewed and gathered the business and functional requirements
  • Evaulated and analysed the current Information Architecture and identified the weaknesses as well as the strengths.
  • Planned and moderated usability testing sessions to evaluate the user experience of the evaluated tasks.
  • Created the Information Architecture including the navigational hierarchy and the wireframes based on the usability studies conducted with focus groups and the business stakeholders.
  • Conducted a Card Sorting Exercise to improve the Categorization, Labeling and understand the mental models of the users.
  • Identified the Search Engine Results gaps and proposed a better Solution using Google Search Appliance (GSA)
  • Helped the technical and business teams to ensure the proposed solution is feasible for a content based management system.